About WebProgress.Net – WordPress & Drupal CMS

We are in the Web Development business since 2002.
Web Hosting since 2010 and SEO since 2015.
If you are considering establishing an online presence or upgrading your existing one we will be
happy to hear from you to dedicate time necessary to discuss your needs and requirements.
You can send us an inquiry through our project demo site and browse it to see some sample
Content Management Systems and E-Commerce Solutions (WordPress & Drupal CMS).

Our focus is currently on developing WordPress and Drupal  Content Management System Solutions. Our strength is in incorporating tools and Web 2.0 standards that will enable you to present your products and services in the most effective way in line with current trends and above what most other business would include (going the extra mile).

With the approach we are taking, we are helping our clients get the best chance to be visible and found online (organic SEO) with an ongoing on-page SEO strategy including highly engaging video SEO strategies which have shown to be very valuable and cost effective online asset (your YouTube channel).

When all of the above is boosted with regular advertising campaigns, targeting your ideal customer avatar, it has to result in client acquisition and sales for your business. The process does not have to be complicated and it involves few steps but only when each step is implemented correctly, it will bring results.


WebProgress.Net - WordPress & Drupal CMS

Our current main focus is utilizing open source technologies such as Bootstrap, Drupal, WordPress, and others.

Our current Services include:

  • Web Development & Design

  • Logo and Business Card Design

  • Digital Marketing and SEO

  • Web Hosting and Site Management

  • Custom Software Development

We Develop:

Blog or Basic Site: Drupal, WordPress, Custom Bootstrap or HTML website are some of the options you can choose from.

drupal logo    wordpress logo    bootstrap logo    html5 logo
eCommerce – Shopping Cart: WordPress-Woo Commerce, Drupal Commerce, and Magento are options for your shopping cart solutions.
woo-commerce logo         magento logo         drupal-commerce logo
Web Development & Design

Ready to establish your online presence? We build your business a simple site to start you off.
Want to sell your products online? We can build your eCommerce store.
Having a unique requirement? We work with you to build your idea.

Web Hosting and Site Management

Hosting service includes:

  • File disk space
  • CPU usage
  • Bandwidth / Network traffic

Management includes:

  • Server management (security, monitoring, patches)
  • Website files and updates management (update to most recent versions of software)
  • Website backup and disaster recovery management (weekly backups and disaster recovery)
Digital Marketing and SEO

We initiate, and setup your social media profiles. Let us help you initiate your business’s online presence, building your digital brand. Our websites start off with basic SEO and METATAG on page optimization. If you need more than that, we can dedicate time to work on more advanced optimization.

Logo and Business Card Design

Need a logo and/or a business card? Work with us to design one for you. The same design and colors will be used for your website design and branding.
In addition we will create a letterhead and labels template (for printing) with your logo for you.

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