Google Ads | Google PPC Advertising

Google Ads – with Google search engine taking about 80% global market share and with over 100 billion searches every month it makes sense to be present in the PPC (pay per click) Google search results page.

This is done using Google Ads platform. The price you will pay for your advertisement depends on several factors including: selected keywords, number of competitors, your ad quality score, ad timings, and few more.

Ad rank is computed as quality score x maximum bid price which allows you to outbid big companies with large budgets if your ad is written well so it performs good. This is very important feature which smaller companies can and should take advantage of.

The search engine environment is different from social media environment. The difference is that on search engines people have a commercial intent. On social media platforms we use interrupt marketing which means they are interrupted in what they do and may not be in the “buying mode” as opposed to Google Search traffic which has higher buying intent.

They are sifted out by the way your ads are crafted to make it appealing for the right people to click your ad and to minimize those who are not likely to buy from you and repel them from clicking your ads and wasting your ad spend.

Google Analytics

google analyticsGoogle Analytics offers in-depth analytics suite which provides all sorts of  metrics and conversion analytics to give you a picture of your ad results by evaluating your KPI’s and optimizing your campaigns for better results.

By analyzing the traffic timing you can boost your conversions by advertising more aggressively in times when most conversions occur while spending less money in the remaining times. Google Ads and Google Analytics go perfectly hand in hand as tools to help you in growing your business.

We are Google Ads Certified Search Advertising Experts.

Google Ads Advertising is very effective because you are putting your message in front of people who are actively looking for your solution. They have the intent to buy now or to buy very soon they do their research for the best solution. Here is where you can make your case by bringing them to your website and offering your solution as the best fit for them.

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