Web Hosting

 Web Hosting

Web hosting is needed for any website to be found on the internet.

This is were your website files are stored on the internet and you visit it by typing your domain name (url).

We offer dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and Managed WordPress hosting. We can offer special support to address any issue with your site quickly. Available platforms: Linux and Windows.

Web Hosting service includes:

  • File Disk Space
  • CPU usage
  • Bandwidth / Network traffic
  • MySQL Database
  • Email Service

Management includes:

  • Server Management (Security, Monitoring, Patches)
  • Website Files and Update Management (Update to most recent Versions of Software)
  • Website Backup and Disaster Recovery Management (Weekly Backups and Disaster Recovery)

If you intend to use WordPress for your website, we recommend signing up for the Managed WordPress hosting service which has increased security and better support.

Why should you work with us? We can respond much faster than the big hosting companies like GoDaddy, Hostgator and others. We do use their services but we are that additional layer who can help you with most issues quickly, and in case it really has to be left to them to handle the issue, it will not happen to often. You will understand what this means the first time you spend a whole hour on hold and being switched from one representative to another to resolve your issue.

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