We do Web Development

We are a Web Design Company

Products: Besides our web hosting and SEO services we are developing web based business solutions in different industry areas. We mostly utilize Drupal and WordPress CMS’s but we can use other platforms as well. Our sites are mobile responsive to adopt to any device screen size.

In addition to that we will build Android and iPhone mobile apps for your business which is a way to go Products - softwarefor any business because mobile use today is 65% compared to desktop use.

Your mobile app will integrate your website, social channels, loyalty cards, coupons, memberships, appointments and more in one convenient place, for you and your customers. Your customers will have your app installed by just scanning a QR code in no time.

Then you can send push notifications to your subscribers letting them know about seasonal offers, coupons and other specials they can take advantage of while boosting your sales instantly. This is a very effective way of communicating because most phones are within hand’s reach of their owners – your customers.

Products - responsive design

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