Practical Advanced Website Strategies

Advanced Website Strategies Framework Implementation.

PUMAS – Performance, UX/UI, Marketing, Analytics, Security.

Make the most out of each visitor to your website.

Business websites are most underutilized online assets.

Let’s change that…





UX - User Experience







Advanced Solutions & Implementation

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Our 5 Major Areas We Cover In Our Framework

Each item has a checklist on its own, Each checklist is assuring that all areas of your online assets are maximized to the fullest potential for maximum ROI.


What We Offer

To the right there are listed some of the items from our checklist that we systematically implement, measure over time and optimize so that we maximize your visitor’s opportunity to turn them into a cutomer.

The items on our checklist are not only covering the numbers (stats) but are also taking into consideration user’s preferences and expectation which can be optimized for better likeability so that we have a returning visitors which turn into customers.


Site Load Speed, First Paint, Image Optimizations, Logging Slow Queries…

UX - User Experience

TYP strategies, Click-through, A/B split testing pages, surveys / feedback / optin, email list (segmentations).

Marketing - Integration of Advertising Platforms

Pixel & Tag Installations, Landing Page Optimization (split test), Avatar Clarity… 

Analytics - Web Stats & User Behavior Analysis

Session Recording, Heatmap Analysis, CTA Analysis, Conversion Rate Analysis…

Security - Hardening

Firewall, Brute-Force Protection, XSS blocking, SQL Injection prevention, …


Our Approach to Websites

Bringing visitors to your website is a costly undertaking especially if you have dialed in your perfect customer avatar (quality traffic – you want the best). Once this step is done correctly does it not make sense to maximize the opportunity on each visitor to become a customer?

We have a checklist of deliverables we implement to make sure we take advantage of five areas of your website so that they in concert with one another bring the best out of your website in terms of performance, user experience (UX), marketing approach, analytics (stats and user bahavior) and security.

Step 1

Analysis and grading of your current web assets. Discovering opportunities for enhancements and planning of implementation of missing strategies.

Step 2

Implementation and testing of enhancements and new strategies. Monitoring and optimization over time of each of the existing strategies.

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