Services – WebProgress.Net

On this pages we have included some educational resources for you to see what is involved in terms of the Services – WebProgress.Net is offering. We have a comprehensive approach to cover all main aspects of web development and SEO requirements as well as traffic tracking, advertising,  and customer re-targeting.

 Service 1: Domain Name Search and Registration

We will help you find an available domain name which corresponds to your business name and / or type of business you are in.

 Service 2: Website Setup and Basic Configuration

We will setup your website and do the most important configurations so you can start using your website / cms immediately.

 Service 3: Responsive Design

We will make sure your website performs as desired on different devices and we will tweak the looks and feel according to your needs and preferences. Your logo and colors will be incorporated in your website so your brand will instantly be recognizable.

 Service 4: Social Channels Integration

We will activate and connect your Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, etc.) with your website and make sure you can start sharing your website content on your social channels.

 Service 5: SEO and Metatag setup

Our websites are setup with basic SEO and Metatag optimization so you are good to go as soon as your site is ready and search engines will start rating your new content as soon as you post it.

 Service 7: Mobile Development

Please check out our mobile apps services page for more details.

 Service 6: Google Analytics Integration

We will register your site with Google Analytics so you can measure and see the activities on your website to have a better understanding which steps to take to achieve your goal.

 Service 8: Website Hosting and Maintenance

We will host and maintain your website making sure your site has the latest code and security updates. We will create regular backups for recovery purposes in case your site becomes inoperable.

 Service 9: Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising allows for reaching out to large number of people who could be interested in your products and services. With almost 20% of World’s population actively using the platform, it allows for relative fast scaling of your campaigns.

 Service 10: Google AdWords Advertising

AdWords advertising allows for targeting large number of people with commercial intent. With 4.5 billion searches per month Google remains number one search engine capturing 80% of market share.