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Some Clarifications Of Terms

See below explanation what is considered as standard pages and web extras. The plans in the pricing packages include standard pages plus the number of pages in the plan. Extras will come with their own, additional pages…

This page is work in progress and more detailed info will be added in during the first week of May 2021, so keep checking or text “jcdig” (no quotes) to 312.500.8301 for SMS updates.

Standard Pages

Standard pages refer to a regular pages most websites have. I am considering the following to fall into this category: contact page, privacy and terms pages.

The number of pages in each plan are in addition to the standard pages. Those pages will need the content provided by you to be placed in them.

Web Extra's

Any website extras (appointment calendar, zoom webinars/meetings, and payment integration) you order will have their own additional pages included.

They will not affect the number of pages in your web package and are separate, additional pages your website will have.

Accessibility widget you can see in the bottom right of this page. Your widget may be slightly different depending on the plan (there is a monthly fee for it but I will also have a free starter version for you as well).

Website Plans

On-time fee base website build-out plans.

Add-ons are available at additional charge (see below).


1-Page Websites





5-Page Websites





10-Page Websites




Please note that 5-page and 10-page designs can be used interchageably – you can select any design for either plan. These are just examples and there are more coming within the first week of May 2021.

Website Extras – Add-Ons*

Appointment Booking

Add-On #1

This is essential. Provide your potential clients with an easy way to schedule a call with you right away. No contact form submissions and back and forth emails.

This functionality will have options for regular scheduling (free) and paid appointments (requires additional payment processing setup).

See example of a booking calendar.

Paid booking will be available in drop-down.

Add-on + configuration is $200.

Zoom Meetings & Webinars

Add-On #2

This addition will allow you to create meetings and webinars. They can be free and paid. Also they can be scheduled to be recurring – daily, weekly, monthly.

This function will require you having a zoom acount and providing API keys to connect your zoom with your WP website.

See examples of webinars and meetings.

One example of a paid session. 

Add-on + configuration is $200.

Payment Processing Add-On

Add-On #3

Payment processing via WooCommerce using PayPal integration can be used for both, paid appointment bookings and paid webinars/meetings. If you need Stripe payment integration, add another $100.

Add-on + configuration is $200 (includes PayPal).

With Stripe integration is $300 (includes PayPal + Stripe).

SEO Plans - Optional

Monthly SEO Plans

Minimum of 3 months.

Recommended 6+ months (for better results).

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