Winning WordPress Websites Weekend Workshop | 3-Day

From: 11 Jan 2023
To: 28 Dec 2023
50 Meetings
Every week on Sunday, Friday, Saturday at 09:00 (GMT-05:00) Central Time (US and Canada)
Meeting starts In:
Duration: 600 min
Price: $500.00

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We will meet for an hour or so on Friday to make sure you have prepared everything for the LIVE workshop where we will setup your business website on Saturday and Sunday.

On the weekend we will meet for some 3-5 hours for two days (with 2 breaks) depending on how far we get to finalize your website setup.

Note that 80% of your business website is pre-built for you and the remaining 20% we will do together where you will follow me LIVE as I do.

That is why it is IMPORTANT to do the prep steps before the weekend. The prep steps we will check on Friday so that we are good to go on the weekend.

Read my article on WP sites and the difference between websites depending on what is “under the hood”, because it is not obvious.



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