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Invoice Number INV-0122
Invoice Date July 1, 2022
Due Date July 10, 2022
Total Due $300.00
U.S. Truck Driver Training School

6500 15. Mile Rd
Sterling Heights MI, 48312

Includes any work demanded from USTDTS for and websites. It also includes keeping the plugins and security of the websites up to date with offline backups as well. Covers 5hr./mo. @ $60/hr. and $50/hr for additional hours that month. This retainer starts May 2022 and is paid up front each month.
This is a recurring invoice.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
5 2022 + websites included

Keeping and multisite up-to date, protected and backed up.
Any work requested via ticketing system will be taken care of with priority support.
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Sub Total $300.00
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Total Due $300.00

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